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Bikini tops get all the love.  When shopping for a brazilian bikini, most women pay much closer attention to how the top looks than how the bottoms looks, to the point where the bikini bottoms are almost an afterthought.  Let’s face it – the bikini bottoms you choose can either be flattering, or not!  Naturally, if your goal is to look great on the beach and get lots of attention, choosing the right bikini bottom is of the utmost importance.

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First we should get acquainted with the various types of bikini bottoms available today.  It used to be that you had two choices – granny panties or a piece of dental floss.  Thankfully, manufacturers and designers are finally creating bikini bottoms that are in-the-middle between those two – like the Brazilian bottom or the Whale Tail bottom.  Take a look at the pictures below for examples of some of the more popular bikini bottom cuts.

full bikini bottom
Full Bikini Bottom
brazilian bikini bottom
Brazilian Bikini Bottom
boyshort bikini bottom
Boyshort Bikini Bottom
thong bikini bottom
Thong Bikini Bottom
gstring bikini bottom
Gstring Bikini Bottom
micro bikini bottom
Micro Bikini Bottom

As you can see, coverage ranges from more to less, with the micro bikini bottom barely covering anything.  It should be noted that, in some locales, wearing a micro bikini could get you a ticket!  So make sure you have a good sense of the law if you decide to wear a micro bikini bottom out in public.

New bikini bottom styles that have just come along in the past few years are the Brazilian and the boy short.  The Brazilian rides low on the hips with a sexy profile but more coverage than an average thong.  Brazilians are favored for having that extra coverage but managing to do it in a way that still flatters. The boy short is a smaller, “swimsuited” version of the “Daisy Duke” – cutoff denim that’s ridiculously close-cropped.

In general, the more in-shape you are, the smaller the bikini you can wear.  Having a few extra pounds isn’t a crime, but wearing a g-string bikini bottom with 30 extra pounds spilling out of the top of it might be.  When shopping for bikinis, look in the mirror!  If your bikini looks good to you, chances are it will look good to others too.  But if that bikini bottom isn’t flattering, keep shopping until you find one that is.

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Photos of bikini bottoms: