G-String Bikini Bottoms

G-string bikini bottoms are the most revealing type of bottom that is popular among women today. The g-string, also known as the micro-string, the micro bikini, or the thong, offers no coverage for your rear end, and only a skimpy piece of triangular cloth to protect the front. However, you also have the option of getting a v-string bottom. This variation of the v-string has a v-shaped piece of fabric that covers the front and the back, unlike the typical g-string which only has a piece of string running down right in the middle of your butt. This variation is also effective at enhancing the curves in your body.

Why wear skimpy swimsuits

Women often want to wear skimpy suits because these are more comfortable and allow more freedom of movement. Others may want to work on their tan and do not want the tan lines produced by regular swimwear. With this kind of beachwear, you are guaranteed that your rear end will be tan-line free after an afternoon of sunbathing.

Who can wear thongs

If you see images of sexy women on TV wearing this kind of skimpy bathing suit, you probably already know what kind of woman can pull off a sexy beach outfit like this. One major drawback to these swimsuits such as the thong or the micro is that not all women will look good with this piece. This cut is usually suited for women who are toned, have a tight butt, and equally tight and toned thigh muscles. This type of bathing suit is also perfect for those with long, shapely legs and small stomach. In short, this style can only be pulled off with ease by a confident, sexy woman with a killer body.

How to choose the right beachwear

If you are confident about wearing this type of suit, the next step is fitting the swimwear that is comfortable for you. Comfort is one of the main factors you should think about when choosing a g-string aside from the fit, since the string will be resting right between your butt cheeks. You can do this by walking a few steps with the bottom on and feeling for the tightness, if there is any chaffing, and if the material doesn’t irritate your skin. You can also check the piece if its color complements your skin tone. Wearing the right suit in the wrong color may not work wonders on your beautiful body.