Micro Bikini Bottoms

Micro bikini bottoms are more popularly called g-strings. Beachwear in this style offer more freedom of movement, the ultimate in comfort, but the least amount of coverage than any other type of swimsuit out there. This makes swimwear in this design only wearable by women who are confident enough and are toned well to expose the most amount of flesh without any embarrassment.

Choosing a g-string


Contrary to popular belief, no matter how small the piece of fabric covering you when you wear a G-string, the color of that fabric will still matter. Warm, golden tones will not look good on very tan bodies but can better complement fairer skin tones, and vice-versa for fairer skin tones and cool colors.


The fit is one of the most important factors that you must consider. Fortunately, finding a bottom that will fit you perfectly is not rocket science since skimpy beachwear, thankfully, come with adjustable strings that you can tie and retie until you get that perfect fit. Make sure that the cloth covers all the right parts and that there are no excess skin shown when you move round, especially if you plan on playing a round of beach volleyball while wearing your sexy suit.

To make sure that you have a perfect fit, try walking around or sitting down while trying on this piece to get a feel of the bikini while on the move, and to see that all places remain covered even as you do so. Try out styles of this sort using a three-way mirror so you see how the swimsuit looks from every angle.


The Brazilian

The Brazilian is perhaps the sexiest and most daring of all the micro bikinis. This type of swimwear features just a strip of cloth running down between your butt cheeks and the usual triangular piece of cloth to cover those places that you want covered.

If you are planning on wearing an exotic piece of beachwear, you need to do a couple of preparations first. For one, wearing a bikini requires a bit of waxing to eliminate unruly hairs that you do not want seen peeking out from your bottom. And don’t forget the sun block. This style of swimwear exposes more of your body to the harmful rays of the sun more than any other style so sun protection is definitely a must. And of course, don’t forget to bring accessories such as cover-ups and a pair of shades.