String Bikini Bottom

You may not be aware of this, but the string bikini bottom is actually the first variation to the traditional bikini beachwear style. This skimpy swimwear features just a small piece of cloth covering the front, with a piece of string tying the front to the back and sides.

Dos’s and don’ts when wearing revealing swimsuits

If you are confident enough with wearing something as skimpy and as sexy as a g-string, you need to remember a few crucial do’s and don’ts.

DO get a bikini wax to take care of unsightly pubic hair. A bikini wax should be your first priority after you buy a skimpy piece of swimwear. You would not want to get caught out in public with stray hairs peeking out everywhere.

DO fit your bottom before making a purchase. The fit should be your most important consideration. To fit, use a three-way mirror and walk and sit with your bottom on. Doing this will help you assess if you are comfortable with the material, if the bottom and the top fits, and if the material is not too rough on your skin. Some fabrics can cause chaffing, especially around the crotch area if they are too tight.

DO tone up. While you do not have to get ripped and sport rock-hard abs in order to wear a sexy piece, a toned body can add to the appeal of wearing this style. Some women actually use their desire to wear this type of bathing suit to motivate them to work out more and more, which is not only good for the beach look, but also good for the body as well.

DON’T wear suits that clearly look like they should be retired. This refers to those that are faded and stretched way beyond their original forms. Old, faded, and worn-looking swimsuits are very unattractive to look at, especially if they no longer fit. Avoid those that usually start to fade and stretch after a number of washes, especially if you often wear them in chlorine or bromine-treated water.

DON’T use string bikinis for more than six hours at a time. Doctors usually advice against using this type of beachwear for very long periods of time since this can predispose one to genital infections, especially during your menstrual cycle. This is also true for everyday thong underwear. Women should avoid wearing thongs overnight because the risk for infections is increased when this is done often.