Thong Bikini Bottoms

Thong bikini bottoms are perhaps one of the most revealing type of swimwear invented, and also one of the most popular. This type of beachwear is essentially a piece of triangular cloth that covers the front portion and a piece of string whose only purpose is to hold the bottom up and offer no type of coverage whatsoever, or another triangular piece of cloth at the back for minimal coverage.

This type of swimwear can come in either low-rise or high-rise styles. In some styles such as the g-string, the back portion can be made of a range of materials from cloth such as silk to pearls and sequins.

Materials used in most thongs include silk, 100% cotton, cotton and spandex blends, Lycra and cotton blends, Lycra and polyester blends, as well as nylon and spandex or Lycra blends. You also have silk mesh thongs as well as lace and see-through types.

Who can wear the thong

You can wear this kind of swimwear if you have a firm behind and have the confidence to have your rear end exposed for the entire world to see. This type of swimwear is perfect if you plan to work on your tan and want little to no tan lines on your behind. It is important to remember that there is only a very small percentage of women who can wear a thong with confidence and actually pull it off. The right amount of confidence, plus a firm and toned butt and thighs is the perfect formula for looking great in this type of bottom.

This style is basically for the confident woman. If this is you, then this type of bathing suit is definitely your beachwear of choice.

Tips in wearing ultra-revealing swimwear

Some women may have the body to wear a thong, but are not confident in wearing one because they have no idea how to choose one or wear one. Here are three tips on how to wear one with ease.

* Get toned. This is the most important thing you can do if you want to wear this bottom style and look fabulous. A toned butt and toned thighs will look good with any kind of beachwear.
* Trim excess hair. With the amount of coverage you get with this style, it is always a good idea to clean up a little bit down there.
* Always have a cover-up handy. You can use the cover-up when walking around the beach. Since these suits may not be the right kind of swimwear in family-friendly beaches or during a cruise, a cover-up is important to cover yourself when you are not in the water.